Scrap Metal & Electronics Recycling Solutions

Premier Recycling Ltd. operates three full service scrap metal sorting and recycling facility across Ontario. Our yards are located in Timmins, Sarnia and Mississauga allowing us the flexibility to service multiple projects simultaneously as well as the expertise to meet the needs of any sized client.

Our clients include manufacturing plants, factories, mining and forestry operations, construction and demolition companies, municipalities, foundries, contractors and private individuals intent on earning some money while helping the environment.

Premier Recycling offers cash on-site for scrap ferrous and scrap non-ferrous metals as well as electronics from both public and commercial vendors.
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    From a price for a particular metal to an industrial project tendering request Premier Recycling is your solution.

    Premier Recycling Services

    • Public and Commercial Scrap Metal & Electronics Drop-Off

    • Building Demolition, Decommission & Resource Recovery

    • Industrial Scrap Metal Recovery & Custom Solutions

    On-site Bin Service & Mobile Scrap Metal Processing

    If your organization produces scrap metal on an ongoing basis, Premier Recycling will work with you to truly integrate into your process. From drums and hoppers to full sized bins, Premier Recycling offers on-site Bin Service to meet the need of any sized organization.

    If your operation requires occasional scrap metal removal or a change in process or an alteration at your facility creates scrap metal, Premier Recycling can offer Bin Service or our innovative mobile scrap metal processing and removal equipment. Premier Recycling has the ability to travel to your site and process recyclable materials in a safe, timely and environmentally friendly manner.