Premier Recycling

Building Demolition, Factory Decommission and Metal Salvage Operations Across Ontario

With its processing yards in Timmins, Sarnia and Mississauga Premier Recycling is one of Ontario’s leaders in full service demolition, decommission and metal salvage operations. Using meticulous planning, state-of-the-art equipment and a qualified, experienced team.

Premier Recycling offers:

  • Demolition and recovery  consulting services
  • Demolition analysis
  • Equipment removal
  • Cost versus revenue analysis
  • Factory dismantling/decommission
  • Warehouse demolition
  • Structural demolition
  • Interior demolition
  • Dismantling of end of life machinery
  • Plant clear out
  • Custom solutions for recovering metal at your facility

Our services are efficient, environmentally conscious, and economically profitable.

Advantages of Premier Recycling for Your Demolition/Decommission Project Include:

  • You deal with one source, saving you time and money
    With access to markets across the entire Province of Ontario, Premier Recycling is able to maximize the value of the scrap created during the demolition/decommission process. Our experience, equipment, network of facilities and available options for recovered scrap metal allows us to complete your project as one company.
  • Our Mobile Equipment Creates Flexibility and Cost Savings
    Our mobile demolition and baling equipment, includes mobiles shears, grapples, magnets, and storage bins. This allows us to complete jobs onsite, saving you time and money. The result is a building demolition or plant decommission job that is clean, safe, and efficient.
  • Your Privacy is a Priority
    Premier Recycling is experienced in working with industries where equipment and proprietary processes are the advantage that separates competitors. We understand the needs and requests for total destruction of sensitive areas of a facility and onsite dismantling of equipment to ensure that it cannot be reused in the industry. For a quote on your building demolition or plant/warehouse decommission project large, small or anywhere in between, contact Premier Recycling’s demolition and resource recovery experts for a quote.
  • Asset Recovery, Repurposing and Handling
    When a facility is decommissioned or repurposed there is often machinery and inventory left behind. Premier Recycling is experienced and knowledgeable in the removal of recoverable assets. Recovered usable assets can often be sold and add to the value recovered with the scrap metal. Ask your Premier Recycling representative about the benefits of recovering usable assets during a facility decommission, repurposing or demolition.