Premier Recycling

Industrial Scrap Metal Recovery & Custom Solutions

Premier Recycling is a leader in providing, mills, foundries, factories, assembly plants, and all industries that produce recyclable metals with tailor made industrial scrap removal solutions. Based across Ontario, Premier Recycling is can provide scalable, efficient and reliable services, customized to your operation.


Maximize the Value of Your Industrial Scrap

The first step in is to contact your nearest Premier Recycling office. Premier Recycling will work with you to evaluate your company’s scrap metal removal and cleanup needs. We will then develop a solution optimizing the most efficient means to remove your company’s industrial scrap.


Premier Recycling Manages Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Scrap

Our experienced team will guide you in the proper sorting of your industrial scrap metal. We always aim to increase efficiency while maximizing your return from recovered scrap.

On-Site Bin Service & Mobile Solutions

Depending on your customized solution we can provide you with various scrap removal containers such as bins, roll off boxes, self-dumping hoppers, gaylord boxes or drums that we will deliver and pick up as per your needs. When required, our logistics managers can mobilize the appropriate equipment to your site including mobile loaders, magnets, shears, and baling equipment to remove scrap metal from your site efficiently.

Customized Reporting

Upon removal of your recyclable material, Premier Recycling can provide custom reports outlining the contents and value of your industrial scrap. Through our years of experience Premier Recycling can often offer suggestions allowing you to further profit from your industrial scrap.